letterpress class

Hi all!!

I am beyond excited because I just signed up for my first basic letterpress class here in NYC. I'm going to learn a ton in three hours, and will leave with 24 personalized note cards. This has been something I have wanted to do for a long time. I had originally wanted to complete a more intense course based on digital images that were then transferred to photopolymer plates, as this is something I am interested in, but those courses just did not seem to fit into my schedule. This basic class will teach me how the original operators of these historic pieces of machinery actually used them - setting the type and composing by hand. Fortunately, I think the basic idea remains the same regardless of the method, and this course is about 1/4 of the cost of that more intense one, so that's good.

And for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, here is an image of and old letterpress:

Also, here is a series of short clips from Boxcar Press on how it all works.

The course is August 3, so I'll post pics of my completed cards once they're complete!

Merry early Christmas to me!!!!


plan ahead

i just love this little non-planner datebook. i mean, the whole idea of a day planner is to stay organized, but i love that it allows for notes and brainstorming and journaling - other than your next dentist appointment and what time so-and-so is coming over.

i actually keep extra notes in my current day planner, using post-its or the margins. so the non-planner datebook above is just what i need!

Product Image


a quote to live by

big pretty watch

Watch 'n' Soda

Watch 'n' Soda
i reallllly like this watch. just sayin'...


april 2010

Sorry it has taken forever to finally get around to this! Life is crazy as usual in the big apple, and my computer died (and was fixed very quickly, thanks to the amazing people at the 5th Ave. Mac Store - and $150 of my hard earned cash). I also wanted to take some time to play around a bit with new ways to frame images in Photoshop or Illustrator. I finally just figured it out! So - at last, here is some of what happened in the weeks before our big day :)

the beautiful dyson vacuum
my parents got us for an
early wedding present

derek "putting the vacuum together"  :)

easter sunday at our church in hoboken

neff family pictures in freeburg
for dave and lisa's 30th anniversary

a fun night in the NJ
apartment - 4/2/10

(making margaritas!)

lunch break on the steps
of the main NYC post office
at 32nd and 8th

working on table place cards
for the wedding reception

norma from work made me
a handmade "bride" card... 

...and some for all of
my bridesmaids (made to
resemble their dresses) - so nice!

More to come soon!


where to start?!

hello again!

so between the wedding and the honeymoon, it's been quite a while since i've posted anything at all. i've been throwing around ideas in my head about how to document all the wonderful things that have happened to derek and me in the past 30 days, and it's a little daunting!

i think i've come up with an idea - why not show just how incredible it has all been via a combination of images and video? i tend to ramble as it is, so why not leave the majority of the speaking to the photos?

yeah, sounds like a plan.

so here is the agenda for the next couple of weeks or months, to be completed at my leisure (it is my blog afterall - i make the rules!) and with intermittent interruptions, of course.  ;)
  • pre-wedding days
  • may 8, 2010!
  • day after
  • honeymoon
please let me know if you're reading - leave a comment and say hello!

about an hour before becoming a mrs.!


what a mighty good man

Well, ladies and gentlemen, the wedding plans are about all wrapped up. D & I conquered the seating charts on Saturday (took a wopping 4 hours - no fighting was involved - we were very proud of ourselves), and I hand-wrote all of the placecards. I started packing today, since we're heading home right after work on Wednesday. We'll be setting up the tent and partaking in some pre-wedding pampering (that is, I will be) before the big day rolls around. Looking forward to the rehearsal and dinner after!

 A little over a year ago, the night we got engaged - April 25, 2009
Ohhhh my... Four days until I walk down that isle to the man God chose for me to live my life with. I asked Derek on Sunday if he'd thought about how crazy that is - that people, all the time, pick one single person to spend their short lives with. He said he hadn't thought about it.  Haha  :)

To me, it's such a huge thing. In this past year we've learned so much about each other, and I have fallen more and more in love with him each day. I'm so, so very happy to be with Derek, and I think we are going to have such an amazing life together, full of experiences, learning, travel, faith and love. He compliments me because he's so different from me, but he and I are so, so alike, too. It will of course be wonderful to wear a beautiful gown, have my hair done (probably the nicest it's going to look for the rest of my life), be surrounded by pretty things and amazing people, see my D in a tux, and eat wonderful food, but I really just can't wait to be Derek's wife!

Just discovered this little beauty by one of my old favorites, Macy Gray. Always loved her! Think I'll listen to this Saturday morning with the ladies. See you all at the wedding!


cranky at kinko's

With only 11 days until the big day, life is flying by full speed ahead (except when I'm at work). :) BUT.... we (here in the soon-to-be-Mr.-and-Mrs.-Neff house) are feeling calm, cool, and collected - all because we're getting everything accomplished in advance. Last night I finished the table number designs in Illustrator & Photoshop then back to Illustrator, then back to Photoshop (they about drove me crazy), as well as some miscellaneous signs for the reception. Today after work I headed over to Kinko's and got them printed on my spiffy 'intense kiwi'-colored paper from Cardstock Headquarters. I was a little bummed because the ink doesn't seem to want to stick to the cardstock, but such is life. And after $16, a slew of really cranky Kinko's employees, and some random guy asking me if I was getting married, who I was marrying, whether it was my first marriage... AND if I was nervous, (really bizarre...) I wasn't about to re-print them. So, if you're at the reception, don't touch the table number cards until every has found their table. :)

Every day, there is a moment where I re-realize I'm going to be getting married.... REALLY soon. Today, there were a couple:

-One happened when my boss, who just returned from a vacation was going over our calendar for the next couple of weeks. She gets to May 11, and goes, "Oh! And Emily will be a married woman by then!" haha   My heart jumped a beat, but it still made me smile, so that's good. :)

-The other happened just a moment ago when I typed out a list of pictures we'd like taken at the church and reception for my aMaZiNg* photographer's "month before form". I'm a little late on the month-before part, but... that's what you get with me! Anyway, just filling out that section made me realize (for probably the 1400th time how excited I am for Derek's entire family and group of friends to be under the same roof as mine for an entire day). There is going to be so much love at St. Peter's church and at my farm that I just might burst.

oh! and i picked out a nail polish color... take a guess.
i know you're just dying to find out. :)

So much more to update this little blog on - including my very own bridal shower and bachelorette party. What. An. Amazing. Day!!! More on that later :)

*just ask her - I've already asked her if we can be friends after this whole shin dig is said and done. she said yes! :)


friends, food, and fedex

Oy... rough day at work. The cure? A nice cold Bud Light Wheat, Derek's home cookin', and a good ol' blog entry...

(where I spend 40-50 hours a week)

This past weekend I was lucky enough to spend time with two of my best friends & bridesmaids, Lisa & Corinne. It was just so nice to spend the whole day together. I always feel revived after seeing them. It was also so nice to see Justin & his gal Jordan, Lisa's boy Jim, and meet Nick (Jim & Lisa's awesome friend)! Definitely need to plan another trip immediately after the wedding. We've been doing a pretty good job of meeting up every so often, whether it's here in NYC, at Justin's in Southern NJ, or Baltimore, at Jim & Lisa's current home.

(the whole crew - minus me - out on saturday night. pardon the iphone quality)

So let's see... where are we in wedding planning land? Only 25 days until "the big day". Yesterday was the RSVP-by date, and we still have about 55 people to hear from yet. So... that will be a fun project next week - calling the stragglers. If you're reading this and haven't sent back your response card - please do! :)

Over the Easter weekend, Derek & I stayed in NJ to just take a break from our long drives home. Granted the drive is only 3 to 3 1/2 hours, but it wears on you after a while. And our trips home have been so packed with wedding craziness that it was nice to just go to church and relax at our own apartment. I look forward to post-wedding trips home so we can just veg out with our families and friends.

(Pictures taken on my iPhone on our last trip home)

(Singing to the pup... or trying to get him to howl)


Our Easter feast? Italian Dinner at Benny Tudino's in Hoboken. So good!! We shared a huge plate of bruschetta (none of that wimpy hors d'oeuvres business), and I ordered a crab raviolli a la vodka. Oh my gosh. I definitely recommend it!

Earlier that weekend we tackled a bunch of wedding projects that had been on the 'to-do' list for many weeks. I finally stopped playing around with the ceremony program design and actually printed them. I think in the end, I had about 20 different versions. So I hope you like them! :) We lucked out at FedEx/Kinkos. They printed all the ceremony programs and table menus (1 per table), AND cut them for under $50!

I also picked up some special wedding makeup at the Benefit counter at Macy's with a giftcard I had leftover from Christmas. I'm not one for expensive makeup (Covergirl works just fine for me baby!), but it really was fun getting a little mini makeover and actually buying the things the girl lathered on my face. It didn't hurt that she threw in a bunch of freebies. :)

Also... picked up the bachelorette party dress (also at Macy's - gotta use that discount!). It's a little black and hot pink number. Can't wait to wear it this weekend!! I got a dress for the shower at Target a couple months ago.

(bachelorette party get-up!)

We're not going to really nail down seating charts or those sorts of things for another week or so, but I got really excited after we'd gotten a good chunk of the response cards back and started writing out table place cards without the table numbers. I think (and hope) everything will look really nice when it's all finished. It's been a lovely year of planning, and it will be so rewarding and exciting to see it all come together.

(getting a start on the place cards)

Next weekend - home for a jam packed day of bridal shower & bachelorette party amazingness!!! Can. Not. WAIT!


little star

super random, but the cutest thing i've seen all day

I would love for my hypothetical future children to look like this. haha

I liked one person's comment on the blog where this photo first popped up:
:: "How nice to see a child dressed appropriately instead of a walking billboard for the latest cartoon or toy being sold" ::

more info about our wedding:

our wedding website