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Well, ladies and gentlemen, the wedding plans are about all wrapped up. D & I conquered the seating charts on Saturday (took a wopping 4 hours - no fighting was involved - we were very proud of ourselves), and I hand-wrote all of the placecards. I started packing today, since we're heading home right after work on Wednesday. We'll be setting up the tent and partaking in some pre-wedding pampering (that is, I will be) before the big day rolls around. Looking forward to the rehearsal and dinner after!

 A little over a year ago, the night we got engaged - April 25, 2009
Ohhhh my... Four days until I walk down that isle to the man God chose for me to live my life with. I asked Derek on Sunday if he'd thought about how crazy that is - that people, all the time, pick one single person to spend their short lives with. He said he hadn't thought about it.  Haha  :)

To me, it's such a huge thing. In this past year we've learned so much about each other, and I have fallen more and more in love with him each day. I'm so, so very happy to be with Derek, and I think we are going to have such an amazing life together, full of experiences, learning, travel, faith and love. He compliments me because he's so different from me, but he and I are so, so alike, too. It will of course be wonderful to wear a beautiful gown, have my hair done (probably the nicest it's going to look for the rest of my life), be surrounded by pretty things and amazing people, see my D in a tux, and eat wonderful food, but I really just can't wait to be Derek's wife!

Just discovered this little beauty by one of my old favorites, Macy Gray. Always loved her! Think I'll listen to this Saturday morning with the ladies. See you all at the wedding!

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