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With only 11 days until the big day, life is flying by full speed ahead (except when I'm at work). :) BUT.... we (here in the soon-to-be-Mr.-and-Mrs.-Neff house) are feeling calm, cool, and collected - all because we're getting everything accomplished in advance. Last night I finished the table number designs in Illustrator & Photoshop then back to Illustrator, then back to Photoshop (they about drove me crazy), as well as some miscellaneous signs for the reception. Today after work I headed over to Kinko's and got them printed on my spiffy 'intense kiwi'-colored paper from Cardstock Headquarters. I was a little bummed because the ink doesn't seem to want to stick to the cardstock, but such is life. And after $16, a slew of really cranky Kinko's employees, and some random guy asking me if I was getting married, who I was marrying, whether it was my first marriage... AND if I was nervous, (really bizarre...) I wasn't about to re-print them. So, if you're at the reception, don't touch the table number cards until every has found their table. :)

Every day, there is a moment where I re-realize I'm going to be getting married.... REALLY soon. Today, there were a couple:

-One happened when my boss, who just returned from a vacation was going over our calendar for the next couple of weeks. She gets to May 11, and goes, "Oh! And Emily will be a married woman by then!" haha   My heart jumped a beat, but it still made me smile, so that's good. :)

-The other happened just a moment ago when I typed out a list of pictures we'd like taken at the church and reception for my aMaZiNg* photographer's "month before form". I'm a little late on the month-before part, but... that's what you get with me! Anyway, just filling out that section made me realize (for probably the 1400th time how excited I am for Derek's entire family and group of friends to be under the same roof as mine for an entire day). There is going to be so much love at St. Peter's church and at my farm that I just might burst.

oh! and i picked out a nail polish color... take a guess.
i know you're just dying to find out. :)

So much more to update this little blog on - including my very own bridal shower and bachelorette party. What. An. Amazing. Day!!! More on that later :)

*just ask her - I've already asked her if we can be friends after this whole shin dig is said and done. she said yes! :)

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