where to start?!

hello again!

so between the wedding and the honeymoon, it's been quite a while since i've posted anything at all. i've been throwing around ideas in my head about how to document all the wonderful things that have happened to derek and me in the past 30 days, and it's a little daunting!

i think i've come up with an idea - why not show just how incredible it has all been via a combination of images and video? i tend to ramble as it is, so why not leave the majority of the speaking to the photos?

yeah, sounds like a plan.

so here is the agenda for the next couple of weeks or months, to be completed at my leisure (it is my blog afterall - i make the rules!) and with intermittent interruptions, of course.  ;)
  • pre-wedding days
  • may 8, 2010!
  • day after
  • honeymoon
please let me know if you're reading - leave a comment and say hello!

about an hour before becoming a mrs.!

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