april 2010

Sorry it has taken forever to finally get around to this! Life is crazy as usual in the big apple, and my computer died (and was fixed very quickly, thanks to the amazing people at the 5th Ave. Mac Store - and $150 of my hard earned cash). I also wanted to take some time to play around a bit with new ways to frame images in Photoshop or Illustrator. I finally just figured it out! So - at last, here is some of what happened in the weeks before our big day :)

the beautiful dyson vacuum
my parents got us for an
early wedding present

derek "putting the vacuum together"  :)

easter sunday at our church in hoboken

neff family pictures in freeburg
for dave and lisa's 30th anniversary

a fun night in the NJ
apartment - 4/2/10

(making margaritas!)

lunch break on the steps
of the main NYC post office
at 32nd and 8th

working on table place cards
for the wedding reception

norma from work made me
a handmade "bride" card... 

...and some for all of
my bridesmaids (made to
resemble their dresses) - so nice!

More to come soon!

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