while D was at his bachelor party...

I traipsed around the city in the pouring rain with my friend Tori! I'm currently on the subway now, which is taking far longer than it should have due to a "power failure along 4th Avenue". Anyway, since D is away on his bachelor party with his buds at Ski Saw Mill in PA, Tori took me to the Cooper-Hewitt Museum on the upper East side to check out the Rodarte fashion exhibit. Here's a pic I snuck in (and got yelled at in the process). We were originally going to go see the Tim Burton exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art but it was completely sold out! Must be a good one, so I'm goin to try to squeeze it in before it leaves on April 26th. :)

Then, we headed to H&M and I managed to concetrate long enough to pick up a couple cute things with a giftcard I got over Christmas, despite the fact that my sneakers and feet were completely soaking wet and freezing. :) Going to pick up some wild mushroom risotto now at one of my favorite restaurants, Film Center Cafe.

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