put some new shoes on... & accidently bought them

I may or may not have just bought another pair of shoes for the wedding... I know! What a waste. I'm a little ashamed, but want to explain myself. :)  I really should not have bought the first pair. I wasn't totally in love with them, but thought it didn't really matter because no one will really see them under the poof of white and tulle and layers. But I will! And there will probably be the obligatory "shoe" picture... and I didn't like my shoes. So I got another pair. :)  Thank goodness the first ones were super cheap. Here they are (drum rolllll)...

And in honor of my new shoes, here is one of my favorite artists, Paolo Nutini, singing his hit "New Shoes". Happy Monday.... Is it really only Monday???

*** update ***
Derek just informed me that it is, in fact Tuesday...
What would I do without him? :)

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