the "name change"

I've been getting the "Are you going to change your name?" question a lot lately. All from women. When I say I am planning on keeping the "Robinson" in the mix, but going primarily with "Neff" from here on out,  I am met with mixed responses. Some seem satisfied that I am sort of keeping my "maiden name" (what a funny way to refer to your unmarried-life name.... am I really a maiden?? Feel free to drop some trivia on this in the comment box). Some raise their eyebrows at the idea of ever dropping my birth name for a man's. To me, it's just that... a name.

However, I am proud to be a Robinson. Would I be proud to be a Neff? Of course. A Robinson-Neff? Even better. The way I look at it, a name is just a word that identifies me to others. My current last name does hold sentimental value for me, but so does the one I will be changing to. Just like the engagement ring, the wedding bands, the vows, and the ceremony, the name change symbolizes a commitment, and even more to me, trust. I can trust this man with my life, future, and heart. And he can trust me with his.

Changing my name doesn't mean I will change. I'll just be starting an exciting new path.

To further explore this thought, here is an thought-provoking post by one of my daily reads, cjane. She explains how long it took her to feel like her new name was really "her's".

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