Well, let's see... A few major decisions have been made since the last post! On Saturday, Lisa, Corinne, Court, and Kelsey accompanied me to the Priscilla of Boston in Wynnewood, PA (near Philly), and we found their bridesmaid dresses! I'd rather not post the picture of the dress, as I want a little bit of a surprise factor to still be in store for the guests, but I'll tell you it is not one of the originals I had picked out! I suppose I will let you know the colors though. Two of the girls are wearing a dark gray color called "smoke", and the other two are wearing a very light grayish, blueish green called "seaglass". They'll most likely be wearing these shoes from Payless, which I'm so tempted to buy myself:

I'm looking at these necklaces for them from Target. I just ordered all three online, as I can return them to our local Target (they didn't have them in store), and shipping was free!

And here are my potential shoes, although my mom is currently trying to find the shoes she wore the day she married my dad. She said I could sort of embellish them myself and make them 'my own'. She thinks they might be sort of low though, and she knows I want probably a 3- or 4-inch heel. But if she can find them, I'd be honored to wear them and have a little piece of her attached to me all day. :)

On Wednesday of last week, I met with our cake baker, Cindy Strawser ("The Cake Lady"). She was so helpful! I really think our cake is going to be gorgeous. Also not going to post a picture of what it will look like, but it is one of those I posted a few days ago! Can you guess? We picked two flavors: carrot cake (because Derek loves it) with cream cheese filling; and white cake with chocolate fudge (because I love it) and raspberry mousse filling! We were able to taste test the latter flavor, and it was amazingly good. Cindy also brought out some fondant peonies she'd just recently made, and they looked like the real thing. Can't wait to see it in real life!

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