milkglass vases!

Oh my... The things that happen on days off of work! Tuesday I had off, so I ran around doing wedding things mostly. I scoped out jewelry and shoes for my bridesmaids, I picked up tape at the hardware store for the paper lanterns we're making (well, specifically the battery packs, or 'throwies' that will go inside of them), lost my sunglasses, bought grommets for the invitations, had an impromptu meeting with florist, found my sunglasses, etc. I also ventured to a couple local thrift stores, because what's better than using/recycling items that someone else saw no use for? I went in looking for mason jars, but came out with my new favorite thing: milkglass vases. Yet again, I've found another amazing addition to the reception decor that I think ties in so well with our rustic, vintage-y theme! The 'hobnail' vases really remind me of my mom's mom, I guess because I've seen things like this around her house. I was thinking about still placing them with the mason jars, in a sort of random set up, but wasn't sure how it would look. Then, I found images from real weddings in which brides did pair the two up, and I think it looks so great!

And here are some more of just the milkglass vases. I really love how they stick to one type of flower per vase. It looks clean, simple, and will actually keep costs down!:

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