just another tuesday

three orders of business today:

#1 - if someone, anyone would care to comment on any of these fine blog entries i write, i would be over-the-moon excited... i've been hearing from a lot of people that they read my blog, and it always shocks me, so go ahead and comment! write anything you'd like: good, bad, or off-the-wall. suggestions and thoughts are welcome!

#2 - i am in love with this wall letter... there is something about big hanging letters that i love, but this mossy one just took my breath away:

Letter N Custom Moss Hanging Wreath Initial

it's $35.00 on etsy.... definitely needs to be an addition to my future home. 

#3 - got 7 of these little beauties for the wedding today in "smoke", "yellow", and "off-white"...

Rum Raisin - 10 Tissue Pom Kit

can anyone guess what for?? use the "FEEDBACK" box to answer!!  :) simply click "feedback" at the end of any entry, enter your thoughts, then, in the  "COMMENT AS" drop down menu, just select "name/URL". enter your name (no need for URL, unless you'd like to enter a website), click "continue", then "post comment". 

comment made = emily's day is complete!


  1. I'm still reading, and hoping that your throwie project is perfect on your wedding day :)

  2. oh my god I can't believe I just figured this out.


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