2 months to go!

Derek and I just finished up a great weekend full of city exploring and good company.

The future in-laws and another couple of family friends came to visit us in our tiny apartment. Our sleeping situation was: Derek, Jake & I in our room, two on the living room floor, one on the lazy-boy, and one on the couch. Quite a full house. Definitely can't wait until the days when Derek and I have a spare bedroom. :)

We went to Macy's in Herald Square to see my brand, JM Collection, in-store. Then I took them to the design floor at 11 Penn Plaza, where I work. Then we headed to Ground Zero to check out the construction site. After weaving our way around the subway system (why do the trains always have to be under construction on the weekends?! it's confusing and embarrassing when you can't figure it out and have guests following you around. hello!) it was off to dinner at an awesome little italian restaurant (I got the veal marsala with portobellos and mashed potatoes special... yum!!), followed by drinks at Derek's and my favorite NYC bar, Barcelona Bar.

In wedding news, tomorrow will mark two months until the wedding. I am so ready to just be Mrs. Neff (the second)!

In closing, I just came across this blog, Marta Writes, and I have... Fallen. In. Love. What a talent! I love finding blogs that are the actualization of everything that is going on in my head. It's hard for me to totally express to friends and family what it is I want to do, but it's easy to show them. My head is screaming, overflowing, bursting with ideas. How can I channel that?

Here is her office. This looks like... creative heaven!


I liked this quote from one of her recent entries:

I'd say life is too short not to follow your passion. Start small - start by setting up some time to create your goods or prototypes and take photographs. Then start selling your goods on etsy.com, then go to a regional craft or market tradeshow, then approach some local retailers who might have an interest in carrying your products. Create some space in your schedule to "create" or work on your business. It might be for only an hour a day. But that's better than nothing.

jenny | LobotoMe.com
G'night for now,

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