3 months and 13 days... and counting!

I have a countdown on my MacBook that tells me everyday exactly how many days are left until the wedding. I know you all were just dying to know. :) So this will be a monster catch-up post for the work that has been done over the last couple of months!

There has been so much wedding planning going on! It's been tough to get a lot done with Derek and I both working, but a couple of weeks ago, it hit us that we are getting married in 4 months so we'd better get back into the planning.

The bridesmaids dresses are in and waiting for the girls to pick them up and take them for fittings. The guys have all been measured for their tuxes. The mason jars are all collected, clean, and boxed up for safe keeping in my parent's attic. My mom and I shopped at a new thrift/antique store in Selinsgrove over Christmas and found tons of little antique jars for centerpieces to sit with the mason jars.

In a couple of weekends, I'm going home to hang out with my sister and put mason jars and other centerpieces together so we can get them to the florist. The burlap that will be wrapped around many of the mason jars has arrived, along with the paper from Cardstock Headquarters that will become the table numbers, programs, and menus. I still need to get over to M&J Trimming to pick up the velvet ribbon that will also decorate our mason jars.

My mom did an awesome job finding a guest book that wouldn't just require guests to stand in line before the ceremony to sign their names. Guests will receive a little card while walking into the church to sign and write thoughts and well wishes on while waiting, then I will compile them post-wedding (and probably post-honeymoon) in the guest book scrapbook-style. I love it!!

Our homemade thank you notes and table place cards are now as complete as they can be, and the programs are almost ready to print.

For grandparents we have lost, we will have a small memorial at the church and the reception. I found small frames to hold each of their pictures, and they will hang with twine from a little jewelry tree I have. We will certainly be thinking of them and knowing they're looking down on us that whole day.

I tried on my actual dress the day after Thanksgiving, and it is just lovely. I cannot wait to wear it that whole day (and maybe again every couple of months?). :) I have my next fitting on March 27.

Apparently bridal shower and bachelorette party plans are well underway, but I have no clue what the plans are! I love surprises!!

Derek and I completed the LED "throwies" for the reception lanterns quite some time ago, but here is a good picture of our work. These little guys took hours to put together! Back story: the reason they're called throwies is because they are often attached to magnets that people throw at metal objects!

The invitations have been drafted (over at My Gatsby) and are about ready to be ordered. Here is a little preview of the colors:

More to come soon.... :)

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  1. How exciting! There is nothing like your wedding day! Take it all in... it will be here and gone before you know it : )

    By the way, your ideas are so clever! Can't wait to see it all put together.


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