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I've been starting to think that I may need to change the name of my blog soon... While it still partially revolves around the wedding plans, it is certainly starting to venture into some other areas, which I am fine with. I need a name to sum up the randomness... Thoughts? :)

Exhibit A:

On my way back from an amazing 24 hours in Baltimore with my best friends, Cor & Lis in Baltimore, I was catching up on my 20 or so blog subscriptions on Google Reader (note: I was riding the Megabus. Driving and iPhone browsing should not be done simultaneously) and somehow happened across my new favorite: The Nie Nie Dialogues. Nie Nie, or Stephanie Nielson, is a young woman of about 30 who is married to a dashingly handsome man named Christian. They have the 4 most adorable children.

In August of 2008, Stephanie & Christian were in a private plane crash, in which they were the only passengers, and the pilot was killed. They suffered severe burns and have miraculously come through it over the past year and a half. My favorite part of the story? Their faith... They are devout Christians and allowed God to pull them through their hard time. I have been reading both Stephanie's blog, as well as her sister, Courtney's blog, which covered the story of their recovery. What a truly amazing, inspiring couple. Enjoy:

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