have you missed me?

I don't think anyone even actually reads this, so I'm sure I haven't been that missed. But... regardless. I will explain where I have been. Around the time of my last post, I got an email from my friend, Julia, who works at Macy's as an assistant designer, informing me that a girl she worked with had just gotten promoted to associate designer and moved to another brand within the company. The exciting part for me? They needed someone pronto. Long story short: I just finished my 6th week of work as an assistant designer at Macy's Merchandising Group, in the JM Collection brand, working on Collection Knits! I'm officially a working woman. Derek and I packed up our stuff and the dog and moved (very suddenly) to a town in NJ that sits right outside the Lincoln Tunnel, making the commute a cinch.

We're finally getting settled in, and I am finally starting to think about the wedding again. There was a lot to do once we got here, and let me tell you. NJ does not make things easy at ALL on people just moving to a new town and starting a new life. It took us 3 trips to the DMV, 4 trips to the car insurance place, 2 to the parking authority, and 4 parking tickets to finally get the major things sorted out. I highly discourage anyone from moving here. :) Although, I do really love our place. And, since I am back, I will leave you with a genius, new way of spicing something old right up - tongue depressor business cards. Love it!

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