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So much getting done in the land of weddings. While I was in New York City for some interviews last week, I picked up blank flat cards (as opposed to folding ones) and envelopes so that I can make my own thank you notes. I went with the flat cards because it uses less paper, and they were a lot cheaper. I also got a stamp from impressrubberstamps.com, as well as ink for the project.

I also picked up velvet ribbon from M&J Trim that will most likely be tied in a nice little bow around the mason jars that will be planted here, there, and everywhere around the reception tent and farm.

The cardstock I ordered from Cardstockheadquarters.com also arrived, and I am cutting each sheet myself into 12 table place cards and stamping them with the above-mentioned stamps. After we send out invites and get all responses, I'll hand-write each card and we'll be hanging them from twine and mini clothes pins in little trees we're renting from the caterer. I love working on these projects. They're mindless, so I can watch my newest TV show obsession, "A Lyon in The Kitchen", while working on them, and I really love seeing handmade things at any party, wedding, etc.

Derek and I have also already finished making about 125 of the LED "throwies" that will be used to light up the lanterns in the tent! Only about 100 left!

In other news, I think I'm going to work on this project someday soon (using all postcards that were sent to me over the years... yes I've kept all of them!) and hang them in our new place, wherever and whenever we move:


Also, I totally just hit the jackpot of do-it-yourself projects!!!! Check this out!

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