holy paper lanterns

Who would have ever thought having paper lanterns at a wedding could be SO incredibly research intensive and time consuming?! I think they're cute and light and fun, but my goodness. They don't tell you lighting them will be the most difficult and expensive part of the whole process. I have researched and researched, and I actually think I've come across the cheapest and easiest way to do this. In finding other blogs by brides who have also used these lanterns, I've found that it is simple (albeit time consuming) to make your own light sources. Plus, it will save us SO SOOO much money.

Just so you all can appreciate this when you see how pretty it is under that tent, here is how Derek and I are doing this. These are the necessary pieces to put these babies together:

  • 10mm Difused LEDs, bought on ebay
  • CR2032 3V Lithium batteries, also from ebay
  • 1-inch wide strapping tape
  • Cardstock for the 'on switch'
Which we will put together (250 times over) to make this:

before pulling out the cardstock 'on switch'

...and after

And this is what the final effect will sort of look like:

These are the blogs I discovered that convinced me to take on this big project:
I have to give a huge shout out to "F" over at Engaged. After I emailed her asking about some details pertaining to the lights, she offered to send me one of her's that was already made up so I could see how they work!! I received her cute little package a few days later. It really did help to see the 'throwie' in person before starting to assemble them. When I offered to pay her for it, she wrote, "No need for reimbursement for shipping or materials, just pay it forward when another bride needs help with something you've become an expert in :)" I wish everyone on earth was this sweet!

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