With all of the things that go into planning our big day, I keep drifting back to how everything will look. I went to school for fashion design, but really, something burns inside me for interiors and that type of design. Foreshadowing? :) TBA. Anywho, I'm all obsessed at the moment with centerpieces, reception lighting, etc. I found some amazing blogs that dedicate themselves to the style I envision and how to go for what you're imaginig. I've tentatively decided on a sort of 'theme' I guess you could say. After going back and forth between a sort of clean, bright, peppy sort of aesthetic, and a natural, outdoorsy, semi-country feel, I think I'm drifting more towards the later. With that decided, everything has sort of rushed into my head all at once. I'm thinking mason jars everywhere. Mason jars with peonies and dalias all over the place, mason jars with tea light candles floating in water, mason jars with candles hanging from trees or whatever as guests filter into the reception on our farm, mason jars with velvety ribbon that will somehow match our color schemes. Mmm.. It feels so homey and warm and... us. While I love huge fussy arrangements and decor, it doesn't quite feel Emily Derek.

Some thoughts:



On an entirely separate note, I'd love to have a photo booth for guests to take classic black and white strip photos of themselves (like the ones below) when they first get to the reception. I found a place near Harrisburg that will print two copies of each strip so that the guest can keep one, and we (Derek & I) get to keep the other for memories. I lovvve it. Just not sure if it'll happen yet. Stay tuned... :)

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